What instruments are taught in Delhi School of Music?
Answer:   Piano, Violin,Viola, Cello, Guitar, Recorder, Keyboard, Flute,
             Saxophone, Clarinet and Drums.

Question: What is the class duration and schedule?
  In general, one individual class of 40 minutes per week.
             For senior students, one individual class of 60 minutes per week.

Question: Is there any enrollment fee?
  Yes. Rs. 1500 (admission fee)

Question: Are there any other charges?
  Apart from Rs. 500 per annum for annual maintenance charges there
             are no other charges.

Question: Is there any fee deposit schedule?
  Yes. The due dates for the payment of fees are as follows.

TERM                                      DUE DATE

# April - June                       28 February

# July - September               31 May

# October - December           31 August

# January - March                30 November

Question: Is there any list of holidays?
Answer: Yes. Click the list to download. LIST OF HOLIDAYS 2020

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